Where to Park Georgetown (and not get a ticket)



-The DC Government


I hate to admit this to my clients, but when it comes to DC… parking is the WORST. But have no fear! I have some wonderful hacks for you to use. Because trust me, those parking fines can be almost as much as your hair appointment.

Georgetown, where my salon is located, is notorious for its lack of parking. Between bustling M street with its shopping attractions, the Waterfront, C&O Canal, and Historical Tours throughout the borough… a parking war has been waged between residents and tourists. In Ward 2 (Georgetown and DuPont Circle) many streets are residential and have two hour parking limits. Which most of my blondies know, is soooo not going to cover your appointment time.

So, to make your life easier I have listed all my favorite ways to safely park in my little slice of The Capitol:


1. Spot Hero

The superhero parking app taking over the District is the cheapest way to park! Simply download the Spot Hero app from your app store and make your reservation in advance. All my clients pre-book in advance, so also pre-book your parking spot! The cheapest lot is a few blocks away on Water St. (near the waterfront) for $9. If you want to get little closer to the salon you can find spots between $13-$20. But the walk up Wisconsin from Water St. is beautiful, and you can even pop in to Compass Coffee on the way!


2. Local Parking lots

There are several lots close to the salon that you can also park at! I have never needed to reserve a spot in advance at these places. But be warned, they are a tad more expensive. The closest lot is behind the CVS on Wisconsin and is run by SP+ Parking. This lot is a very short walk and will run you about $21 for daily parking. Other lots are available, but SP+ is the closest (and the further ones will charge you the same).


3. Public Transportation

If you have the ability to take public transit.. TAKE IT!! Not only is it better for the environment, but not driving these roads will seriously decrease your stress level. I love L’Enfant’s plans for the Federal City, but his street layout is quiet confusing (there are four 10th streets). The Metro ride from Shady Grove to Dupont Circle (and back) will cost you $7.70 in total. From Dupont you can either walk the mile to the salon, or take my favorite mode of transportation and scooter! Bird, Lime, Lyft, and JUMP scooters are a-plenty in the area, and will cost just a couple dollars. If Metro isn’t your jam, or if you need more info on it, just head over to the WMATA trip planner. They can help you plan out the quickest rail OR bus service to the salon.


4. Two Hour Street Parking

Another option is to test your luck with the two hour street parking. Street parking can be a bit tricky in this part of town, as tourists bring lots of parking enforcement officials around. It is quite easy to fine tourists and shoppers since many A. have the money to pay and B. routinely disregard parking signs. Parking on the street is only allowed for 2 hours, but if you use ParkMobile, you may be able to trick the meter (but be warned, you could still get a ticket). Parking is $2.30 an hour, and blonding appointments take between 4-6 hours. So expect to pay around $9.20-$13.80. Haircut only appointments take between 45 minutes - 1 hour and 15 minutes, so feel free to utilize street parking!


5. Take the Ticket

If you’re really feeling frisky and don’t mind paying $25 (and up to $100), feel free to park where you want. But they Government will find you, and they will ticket you.